Effekta NOVA

Discover NOVA: the brightest star in the three-phase stand-alone UPS universe

The NOVA series, available in 5 power sizes, up to 40 kVA, guarantees maximum levels of autonomy, thanks to the fact that it is possible to integrate up to 4 internal battery strings.

The system not only features a state-of-the-art design which allows quick and easy access to all the main components, but also integrates the best technology currently available on the UPS market, such as the digital battery charger, controlled-speed fans and tropicalised boards.


Quick installation

NOVA is designed to make positioning and installation operations as easy as possible. For both sizes available, the cabinet is compact and its overall dimensions are smaller than other three-phase UPS systems with internal batteries.

The first installation of the system can be carried out directly via the LCD Touch Screen display, even with the door closed, and without using any auxiliary devices.


Simplified battery management

GTEC technicians have paid great attention to the design of the battery compartment.

In fact, the NOVA series offers significantly greater autonomy than a typical small/medium power three-phase stand-alone UPS, thanks to the fact that it is possible to install up to 3 internal battery strings in the 10/15/20 kVA version and up to 4 internal battery strings in the 30/40 kVA version. The UPS can also be expanded by means of external battery cabinets, in order to meet all autonomy requirements.

The battery compartment features a fully Hot Swap design and it can be accessed from the front of the UPS to facilitate any operations that need to be performed on the battery drawers. Thanks to the Anderson connectors, battery replacement operations are even faster and can be carried out safely even when the UPS is running, without having to switch to Bypass mode.


Maximum safety

Inside the innovative NOVA cabinet there is a special metal wall that clearly separates the electronics section from the battery section, thus ensuring maximum isolation of the elements and consequently greater safety for the entire system.

The UPS is also equipped with additional polyurethane protections built into the exclusive battery boxes. These special trays are designed to protect the machine and isolate the battery strings to prevent risks of accidental contact or acid leakage.

The battery compartment is also equipped with a protection fuse and a reverse polarity control function is available.


Advanced control

NOVA features professional setting software, which can already be found in the most advanced GTEC modular technology UPS systems.

This software offers a wide range of analysis and setting functions (from the most common alarm log to 2-level battery tests), most of which can also be accessed directly via the intuitive colour touch screen display.


Technical information:

  • Power up to 40 kVA
  • Power Factor 1
  • Up to 96% efficiency in Normal Mode
  • 3 Level rectifier and inverter with IGBT technology
  • Digital control with DSP
  • Tropicalized cards
  • Parallel operation up to 4 units
  • Two level battery test, also programmable
  • LCD display Touch Screen 5”
  • Double entrance available as standard
  • Minimal bulk

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